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About Delta Compositor

Delta compositor will be a high-end video compositing system and machine vision framework. Delta is intended to be the ideal package for Standard-Def, High-Def and Film Visual Media Postproduction. It is in very early stages of development and design, and will be released as Open Source Software

What it's for

A compositing package processes and combines together video and still images from multiple sources stored on disk to produce an output video sequence. It can be used, for example, to make real footage of an actor filmed in front of a bluescreen appear in a Computer Generated world. To achieve this convincingly, Delta allows the actor to be removed from the bluescreen, the two videos (actor and CG world) to be added together as well as the more complex task of adjusting the colouring to make the shot appear realistic. Simpler tasks can also be achieved very efficiently, such as cropping or rotating a video.


Like other compositing packages, Delta is used by connecting together nodes which take in video and process it. The result is like a backwards flowing river delta, where lots of streams all merge together to form a single output. Nodes are controlled with parameters which can change over time either with keyframes or by writing an expression based on time (e.g. sin(time)). A key advantage of this architecture is that it is non-destructive - you may adjust parameters as often as you like without degrading the quality of the video, and can adjust parameters early in the chain of nodes while examining the output.

To the user, this architecture might not seem particularly new. This is intentional, the interface is intentionally only a little change (a small delta) away from what professional movie compositors are used to. Under the surface, there will be a few differences: