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Delta Compositor: News

13 Jan 2008
Having very dramatically missed the September deadline for release, I've put out a Snapshot as a kind of consolation, and in a feeble attempt to proove I am actually working on Delta!

Things I want to get working before the release:

  1. Multiple graphs open at once
  2. Copy and paste of nodes between graphs
  3. 'Outliner' tree-view showing list of all graphs and their nodes
  4. Local rendering

18th Aug 2007
The next release will be a preview of the delta, GUI, codenamed qdelta. Development has continued (the codebase has doubled in size) although somewhat slower. The release deadline will be the end of September.

4th December 2006
Delta Script Compositor version 0.00 alpha 1 is now available from the project page. By writing files in a simple language called DeltaScript, quite powerful compositing effects can already be achieved.

18th November
Delta has now reached 10,000 lines of code, not including image processing code. The scripting language is now present, along with saving. It still needs some work, so isn't being released at this stage.

The second developer preview is now available to download from the Delta Compositor Project Page

This is not intended to be a useful release - it just shows that Delta Compositor development is well under way and to show ow it works

The Delta Design and Release Document (also on the project page) describes how Delta is designed and more about the developer preview release