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Delta Compositor

Delta compositor status: Pre-alpha
Software available: Delta Script Compositor

Snapshot of Delta CompositorDelta compositor will be a high-end video compositing system and machine vision framework. Delta is intended to be the ideal package for Standard-Def, High-Def and Film Visual Media Postproduction. It is in very early stages of development and design. more about Delta

14 Dec 2006: Delta Script Compositor version 0.00 alpha 1 is now available from the project page. By writing files in a simple language called DeltaScript, quite powerful compositing effects can already be achieved

13 Jan 2008
A first preview of the front-end is finally on the horizon. Yet again, Delta has been going through some fundamental re-thinks to make it versatile and expandable. To keep your appetite whetted, here's a Screenshot, showing a graph with two viewers open and the parameter editor. More about the upcoming release

Future release schedule:

  1. Xframe: image handling library with support for 8 to 64bit values, deep TIFF, PNG and OpenEXR output Preview released 17 Sep 2006
  2. Delta compositor engine: A developer preview release showing how the compositor engine will work. The main() will be a hard-coded composite graph.Released 13 Nov 2006
  3. Delta script compositor with file handling: This release will be fully functioning (but with limited features) as a script based compositing package. Alpha released 14th Dec.
  4. Front-end: An early release of the graphical front-end allowing drag-and-drop, parameter tweaking, multilayer support for stereo image compositing, native 16 bit float handling.
  5. Delta Parallel: A release with a better front end but also full parallel processing and network support
  6. Node groups: packs of useful nodes will start to appear.

More information

For more information about Delta, to be kept informed about releases, offer support (moral or technical) compose an email to

Peter Hillman